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¿What is Executive Consulting Group Inc.?

Executive Consulting Group, Inc. (ECG) is a business management consulting, technology services and outsourcing company, committed to help its clients become high performance businesses and governments.

We focus on:

The assessment of current and future value of all assets, including intangibles, employing an integrated approach to performance management, aligned with strategy, to help clients improve their performance so they can create sustainable value for their customers and shareholders. ECG collaborates with its clients in the assessment and modeling of their current and future enterprise architecture, process analysis and redesign, and workforce’s capabilities improvements. Our goal is to identify our client’s business needs and its opportunities for improvement.

Once we have identified our client’s opportunities for business transformation, we plot a “Personalized Road Map” and develop a Structured Action Plan for the short, medium and long term to help clients accomplish their business objectives:

Using our industry knowledge, service offering and technology expertise, we help our clients to accomplish their business objectives, by providing:

a. Qualification Training Process: This phase includes Training and Tutoring for both leaders and team members inside the department or enterprise in question. It is aimed first at learning the applied project methodology to develop the minimum skills and technical capabilities needed for the execution of tasks for which they are responsible for in their action.

b. Pilot Project Execution: With the purpose of fulfilling the learning curve, we help clients to select a short termed project with visible impact, leading the theory of the first phase into practice. These projects are supervised and assisted closely by our consultants who are aiming at a “Technological Knowledge Transfer” necessary for future executions. From these experiences our clients obtain many “Lessons Learned” sessions and in the majority of the cases, they are able to replicate these in other areas of the organization. Hence developing a “Performance Driven Organization”.

c. Assistance and Project Administration: This phase is based on Consulting which will follow up in the Planning and Execution of Projects with Medium and High Complexity; Organization Structure Re-Design; modeling and improvement of enterprise business architecture, Systems and Performance Management Models, all of which will allow the organization to obtain better levels of performance and hence improve all of their business practices.

d. Performance Evaluation: Periodically, we will compare the performance indicators of the organization with the base index established in phase one. This will allow us to chart the improvement made by team members during the consulting process and also re-asses strategies in order to ensure the achievement of previously set goals.

Team of Consultants

Jairo E. Blanco G.
Ing. President | jairo.blanco@ecglat.com

Experience: Strategic Planning, Business Intelligence, Process Engineering, Organizational Restructuring, Project Administration, E-Business, Information networks, software engineering, Six Sigma Projects.

Marieta I. Tam.
BS in Computer Science.
Vicepresident | marietta.tam@ecglat.com

Experience: Computer science, process redesign, project management, business architecture design.

Rafael Beltran
M.B.A. Associate Consultant | rafael.beltran@ecglat.com

Experience: Business Intelligence, Performance Management, Management by Competencies, Process and Organizational Restructuring, Six Sigma Projects.

Leysón Guillén V.
Ph.D. Associate Consultant.

Experience: Environmental management, handling of natural resources, environmental impact studies, eco-audits, Project Planning and Evaluation.

ECG works with strategic partners.

- www.persys.com.mx: Business Solutions and a comprehensive response to the needs of its customers.

- www.mega.com: Business Solutions for Assets control, Including human resources and IT, and providing solutions to enhance their ability to drive change.

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