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Our services are organized into five categories:

1. Strategic Planning and Management: We collaborate with clients on creating and implementing their business strategies, by identifying innovative and balanced strategic initiatives within four aspects for development: financial, process management, learning and company growth and customer focus.

2. Organizational Engineering: Based on principles of the known “Performance Management Methodology” this service is focused on the management of key business drivers within the organization. They include strategy, processes and people’s skills. The purpose of this service is to ensure the organization’s ability to fulfill its mission and accomplish its vision.

3. IT Platforms: Design and Development: We can help top management to achieve greater business value from IT by assessing the gap performance of their IT system’s platforms aligned to their strategic business plan; developing IT value proposals and designing changes to IT applications. We do this by applying cutting edge technology practices, focus on a high performance business view: IT as a strategic asset to achieve operational excellence and competitive advantage.

Services include:

4. Training and Development: As a compliment to all services we offer a variety of training programs in order to improve management and technical development within the organization. Our training programs include: 5. Consulting and Customer Support: With the purpose of helping our clients, ECG offers logistical support in efficient execution of administrative and technological activities...

Strategic Partners

- www.mega.com
The MEGA Suite products are relatedby a repository where they placed objects (UML), which allows them to interact, giving companies the facility to link its Business Process - Mega Process -, with the Architecture Technology organization - Mega Arquitecture - and the Systems that supports Mega Designer. Its repository is scalable, and robust object-oriented...

MEGA Products

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Mega Process™
Mega Architecture™
Mega Corporate™

- www.persys.com.mx

PERSYS offers a comprehensive response to the needs of its clients with consulting services and technology solutions in its three divisions: Strategies, Finance, Processes / Enterprise Architecture.

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